vitallusplus cylinder vitallusPLUS® The flexible vakuum extender Lasting penis enlargement softly, uncomplicated and painless customized and custom fit Gentle penis enlargement The penis is sucked with gentle vacuum
in cylinder and compression sleeve.
Corpora cavernosa and penile tissues are optimally supplied with blood and stretched gently. vitallusplus Without pressure points, pain or water retention.
Comfortable & Easy The vacuum extender is so flexible, that it bears
on the body while sitting, standing or lying.
vitallusPLUS® is made exactly to the
dimensions of your penis.
It can be worn for many hours at
any desired position.
Stretch during day and night vitallusPLUS® can be worn during the night
6-8 hours.
It adapts to your body and is easily wearable
under the pyjama pants.
New building of body cells
in the penis tissue (after 6-8 hours)
Lasting enlargement of the penis
Application Areas The vitallusPLUS® is suitable for: Small penis Retracted penis Micropenis Metoidioplasty Based on medical evidence.


vitallusPLUS® – customized and comfortably.
Efficiently Penis lengthening and enlargement.

vitallusPLUS® is a completely new, patented medical product for a permanent penis enlargement, by a very slight, long time vacuum and a special manufactured compression sleeve without health risks.


Penis enlargement by regeneration of body cells

The process of vitallusPLUS® is based on a completely painless, simple applicable, risk-free expansion of the erectile tissue in the penis and the resulting formation of new body cells.

Proven principle

vitallusPLUS® was developed according to a long proved, recognized principle in modern medicine, in which the use of compressive and tensile forces to the formation of body cells (for example, for the production of skin tissue).

Lasting penis enlargement in length and circumference

Regular use of vitallusPLUS® about 4 to 8 hours a day over a period of at least 3 to 6 months results in a permanent enlargement of the penis length and girth. It is easily usable at night during sleep.

Customized for you

vitallusPLUS® is made individually on the suitable mass of the user. Through the custom-fit latex compression sleeve on the inside of the cylinder The fabric is held together like a corset and protected, from over expansion or vascular lesions.  

vitallusPLUS® is suitable for the most varied requirements:




HERE you can order vitallusPLUS®

Please note: Cylinder and compression sleeve will specially manufactured according to your penis dimensions. Please measure your erected penis (length and circumference of penis) before your order. You can use our tape measure, which you can print here.

Delivery scope of the vitallusPLUS® basis set:

  • 1 vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender (customized to your measurements)
  • Electric vacuum pump (constant negative pressure approx. -100 mbar) with hose connection and voltage converter 230V-12V
  • Digital timer for programming the desired duration
  • Pressure regulator with connection tube which is put on the used vacuum extender
  • Transparent tube to the connection of the vacuum pump with the vacuum extender
  • Fixation belt for fastening of the tube to the leg
  • Storage bag
  • Instruction manual

We also recommend:

  • Lubricant (grease-free and possible warming example Durex Play Warming)
  • Nourishing Skin Cream (For example Bepanthen)

Get your custom vitallusPLUS® system for permanent penis enlargement and experience the difference from conventional penis pumps.