vitallusPLUS® Penis size calculator

Please determine your penis dimensions before you order vitallusPLUS®

Your vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender will be produced individually for your penis.

Prior to ordering the vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender, you must determine the size recommended for you at using the dimensions of your penis (length and circumference) and enter this information in the size calculator provided.

Please read these instructions carefully to allow fast delivery.


1. A measuring tape 

Massband PenisYou need to measure your penis a measuring tape with centimeter scale.

If you don´t have a measuring tapeyou can download HIER a paper measuring tape. Please print it simply out. You can then cut the paper tape measure with a scissors.

Watch out for sharp paper edges when using the measuring tape!

2. An Erection

To determine the dimensions of the cylinder and the latex compression sleeve, we need the mass of your complete penis erection. If you have´nt the erection measurements at the time of order, you can send us your measurements even 1-3 days after your order by Email.

How to measure correctly:

Your penis length:

Please measure the length of their penis in fully energized state. Place the measuring taped (download it here and print it out) above the shaft of the erect penis and measure from the belly to the tip of the glans.

Your penis circumference:

The circumference of the penis is also measured on the fully erect penis.
Measure directly on the shaft of the penis by placing the measuring tape around the penis.
Read off your penis circumference.

Penis calculator:

Enter your penis size and circumference in this calculator. Then click on ‘Remember data for ordering’. Your measurements will be automatically saved.


The measurements of your vitallusPLUS¢î are shown below for your information:


Outer cylinder *


Compression sleeve *

Please be aware that:

If there is a significant difference in the circumferences of the base of the penis, middle of the penis and the glans, please let us know about this in the “Comments” section when ordering. We will then determine and provide you with a recommendation for the measurements.

How to measure in the case of impotence:

Put an appropriate penile ring** over the edge of a conventional enlargement cylinder. Pump the penis to the size of a natural erection. Place the ring on the shaft of the penis and remove the cylinder from the penis. Proceed with the measurement as described above.

* For your information:

De length of the flexible outer cylinder is calculated such that, in its contracted state, it is longer than the erect penis. In addition, there is the length of the upper end cap, on the end of which the hose is attached. The inner circumference of the cylinder is always greater than the circumference of the erect penis.

The compression sleeve is calculated to have the same length and circumference measurements as those of the erect penis (allowance is +/- 10%). In this way, the tissue is held together like a corset, the skin is protected from overexpansion or vascular injuries, and fluid collections in the tissues are prevented to the greatest possible extent.

For most customers, the size of the vitallusPLUS® cylinder and compression sleeve recommended by the size calculator ensures an optimal fit. However, it is possible that the size of the vitallusPLUS® determined will need to be corrected during future orders. In this case, please contact us before reordering by using the contact form.

** Important information for the penile ring usage:

Please observe the particular manufacturer’s directions regarding use of a penile ring and never wear the ring for more than 20 minutes.