Jelqing – the simple method for penis enlargement

Jelqing – with easy exercises for a bigger penis

When a guy thinks that his penis is too small, he often just takes this on the chin. But a man needn’t just settle for his penis size. Various methods exist for influencing the length of the penis. One of them is jelqing.

So what is the significance of jelqing?

When one’s penis is too small, one often hears the argument that nature just wasn’t on your side. Maybe that’s the case. But that doesn’t at all mean you have to just settle for it! Of course, you can’t expect miracles overnight. But with regular training, over a period of several months, several centimetres are achievable. Jelqing dates back several thousand years, with its origins in the Arab world. The technique was taught to young men there to prepare them for their wedding night.

The jelq exercise – simple and effective

Probably the most widely used jelq exercise is also the most effective. It goes like this: the left hand pulls the penis by the glans, extending it a bit. The right hand takes hold of the penis where the scrotum is and strokes gently in the direction of the glans. Once at the glans, the right hand takes over from the left. Now the left hand strokes from the scrotum towards the glans, and the exercise begins afresh. In theory, the exercise may sound a little complicated, but in practice, it is actually very simple to carry out. How often and for how long one does the exercise each week is up to the individual. It could be twice a week for 20 minutes or five times a week for 10 minutes – both have the same effect.

What can be achieved with jelqing?

Of course, one naturally wants to ask whether the exercise is worth it, and what results one can expect to achieve. Here, opinion varies greatly, even in dedicated forums. However, this is largely to do with the fact that each man is built differently. And therefore each man’s body reacts differently too. But an increase of one to two centimetres in length should certainly be achievable. The great advantage of this method over others is that the increase in growth occurs in diameter too. And so, the circumference of the penis can also be increased by one to two centimetres. Having a semi-erect penis augments the effects of the jelq exercise even more.

What best to avoid when jelqing!

There are certainly numerous examples that testify to the positive effects of jelq exercises. But you will certainly come across examples that bear warnings too. This is because, under certain circumstances, the opposite effect can result. The circumstance in question: jelqing should not be performed on a fully erect penis. In addition to an increased risk of injury from broken veins, it is said to have even led to cases of penis shortening as well. So never jelq with an erect penis!

What alternatives are there to jelqing?

Of course, not everyone is able to jelq whenever they please. Whether it’s because time is short or one has no peace and quiet at home. In such cases, one can turn to vitallusPlus for an alternative method of penis extension. The advantages of this system are that the pull on the penis is maintained by a gentle vacuum over the course of several hours. In addition, the vitallusPlus design rules out any injuries.

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