Penis Thickening

Penis Thickening: Options and Potential Risks Penis Thickening: Many men not only want a longer penis, but also one that is thicker. The ratio of length and circumference should be perfect. In order to achieve this, various options are available, and not just from plastic surgeons. Penis Thickening Using Hyaluronic Acid Injection Using hyaluronic acid to […]

Jelqing – the simple method for penis enlargement

Jelqing – with easy exercises for a bigger penis When a guy thinks that his penis is too small, he often just takes this on the chin. But a man needn’t just settle for his penis size. Various methods exist for influencing the length of the penis. One of them is jelqing. So what is […]

Penis enlargement surgery and the risks

Penis enlargement surgery can be redundant due to the safe alternatives Do you want a larger penis? There may be different reasons why you might want this. Perhaps you would like to take a shower after sport and not always be the “smallest”, or perhaps you have medical reasons. Do not take the risk of […]


Not only older men suffer from impotence (erectile dysfunction) There are many reasons for impotence but in many cases, it can be treated with therapy.  Not only older men suffer from impotence (erectile dysfunction). Younger men who are under pressure to succeed, experience fears and private or professional stress are also affected.  An erection that […]

Glans enlargement

Glans enlargement and thickening Aesthetics is very important for most women and also many men. Changes to our external appearance such as hairstyle, makeup or clothing can be achieved without problems. But when it comes to physical characteristics, things are a little different. Many men have a bottle shaped glans, which is considered aesthetically pleasing. […]

Why statues of ancient men always have a small penis

Is a small penis really unattractive? The man of the world is proud of his large sexual organ because he associates it with power and strength. But that was not always the case. If one looks at the ancient statues of men, usually they look well formed and muscular, but the penis is quite small. What is the reason for […]

Penis Enlargement Forums

Penis Enlargement Forums provide information beyond the regular areas  Penis Enlargement Forums: men talking amongst themselves about cars, women and of course sex. If over time the issue should then turn to the penis, the German man is prone to exaggeration. And penis enlargements are not to a common topic of discussion because it would mean […]

Penis size measure and keeping a diary

Before starting the penis exercises, you should measure the penis size properly Penis size measure: If you are not naturally endowed with an impressive manhood, you can carry out penis exercises. However, an effective penis exercise is not a matter of a few hours or days. An effective penis exercise requires months. It must not be 45 […]

Penis length in the worldwide comparison

Where does the biggest penis come from? Penis length in the worldwide comparison: anyone who does sport and sees other men in the changing rooms knows that nervous feeling when it comes to taking of their underwear. Many men define their masculinity on the appearance and size of their “pride and joy”. Of course, there are […]