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Penis Enlargement Forums provide information beyond the regular areas 

Penis Enlargement Forums: men talking amongst themselves about cars, women and of course sex. If over time the issue should then turn to the penis, the German man is prone to exaggeration. And penis enlargements are not to a common topic of discussion because it would mean the interested man would be the target of ever worse jokes. Penis Enlargement Forums, where exchanging ideas, can help.

English Penis Enlargement Forums – a wealth of information

If you look at the scope of the English speaking penis enlargement forums, the German forums like or forum-operative-penis enlargement already appear extremely small. This is not surprising, because with English as a forum language these platforms have naturally higher multiple range.
So the two largest English forums come and each have more than 10,000 topics and 100,000 to 200,000 posts. This includes the which is not quite as large as thunder place and mattersofsize but still offers a wealth of information. For those who are not yet sure which method to use, but are playing with the idea of ​​a penis extension, the information needed for a decision is available. Forums such or not only offer information about penis enlargement by means of penis extenders or penis pump. Other issues such as the operative penile stretching or impotence are discussed in both the German and English forums thunder place or betterman.

Small, independent and informative – the German Penis Enlargement Forums

The Forum is the largest address for men in Germany. With several hundred subjects and thousands of contributions those who are interested can find independent information on all topics related to penis enlargement on this platform. If a question is not yet been put on it can be put together and will be answered quickly. An alternative to this first class forum is provided by Although considerably smaller than this forum also offers many answers to questions about penis enlargement. 

In contrast to pgainer or pe-community the is tiny. This is the reason that the, as the name suggests, deals exclusively with operational penis enlargement. Because this method is by far the most expensive, it also explains why the forum-operative-penis enlargement has few posts available. Compared to the English language forums the German language ones offer-neutral information that is not influenced by manufacturers.

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