Penis enlargement with vitallusPLUS® – flexible, individually and provides lasting

  • vitallusPLUS® is individually customized according to the user’s corresponding measurements and can thus always be adjusted to fit growth. The exact fit and high degree of flexibility of the material mean that the device is very comfortable and painless to wear.
  • The cylinder of the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender consists of very light, ultraflexible PE which is also used in medical technology.
  • The extra soft and very adherent opening of the cylinder perfectly adapts to the natural shape of the shaft of the penis. This ensures the best possible comfort during use and no pressure marks develop on the shaft.
  • Because of its very light weight, the vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender enables it to be used with a very moderate vacuum. It is thus possible to achieve a high degree of lasting efficacy when the device is used for several hours (in contrast to conventional cylinders).
  • The high degree of flexibility of the material enables nearly unlimited freedom of movement. Blood circulation is also not impeded at any point. In addition, there is no risk of injury as there is in the case of cylinders made of acrylic or glass.
  • The individually customized latex compression sleeve of the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender holds the tissue together like a corset and thus the risk of excessive loss of skin tone, vascular injuries, bruises or lymph fluid collections is practically eliminated.
  • The vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender allows for an esthetic result after it is removed, without deformations of the penis and glans.
  • We recommend using the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender overnight. Many regenerative processes take place during sleep. Tissues are repaired and functionally adapted. This is a very good precondition for the effects of the vitallusPLUS® to take place optimally. Nighttime erections are not a problem due to the flexibility of the cylinder and compression sleeve. The vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender can alternatively be used during the day for penile spongy body training.

The vitallusPLUS® is based on the principle of permanent modelling, long known and now used in modern medicine.