vitallusPLUS® for penis enlargement – flexible, customized, lightweight

ONLY vitallusPLUS® can achieve this

Penisvergroesserung VerfahrenvitallusPLUS® is the first patented vacuum system for penis enlargement which is extremely lightweight and made of a flexible material.
vitallusPLUS® can thus be used over the long term to train and expand the penis and lead to lasting enlargement of the penis using a very gentle vacuum, without any health risks.



ONLY vitallusPLUS® is customized and flexible

vitallusPLUS Zylinder massgefertigtvitallusPLUS® is individually customized according to the user’s corresponding measurements and can thus always be adjusted to fit growth.

The optimum fit and high degree of flexibility of the material mean that the device is very comfortable and painless to wear.

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Particularly gentle due to the custom-fit compression sleeve

vitallusPLUS® has a custom-fit latex compression sleeve inside the cylinder which holds the tissue together like a corset and ensures that the penis is proportionately expanded in length and width.
Overexpansion and thus excessive loss of skin tone, vascular injuries, bruises or lymph fluid collections can thus be practically eliminated.

Extra soft cylinder opening

vitallusPLUS® has an extra soft latex cylinder opening which gently fits against the penile shaft.
This ensures that no pressure marks develop on the shaft and that the vitallusPLUS® can be worn for several hours without any pain or discomfort.

vitallusPLUS® is a patented vacuum system for permanent penis enlargement that combines the advantages of a stretcher and a penis pump in a single device.