Training for penis enlargement with vitallusPLUS®: gentle, uncomplicated, measurable

The healthy penis naturally undergoes training every night

During the night and into the morning, the penis becomes erect several times (up to six times for 20 to 50 minutes each time). This is the biological training. By means of this nightly exercise, the vessels become better supplied with oxygen and the smooth muscles of the spongy body are trained. Good penile blood supply is an important precondition for long-lasting potency.
The vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender was based on this principle in which three-dimensional expansion of the penile tissue is achieved through a long-term, very mild vacuum over several hours at night during sleep. If this method is used daily for 4 to 8 hours for a period of 3 to 6 months, a noticeable growth of the penis is achieved.




vitallusPLUS® trains the spongy body within the penis

Schwellkoerper PenisvitallusPLUS® offers effective help. It is a completely new, patent-pending aid which supplies the penile spongy body with fresh, oxygen-rich blood by means of a very gentle vacuum and thus prevents or reverses shrinkage.




Vitallus Plus


vitallusPLUS® provides lasting enlargement of the penis

Schwellkoerper VerlaengerungThrough a very mild vacuum over several hours, a three-dimensional expansion of the penile tissue and spongy body in all directions occurs and thus encourages the formation of new body cells.
Daily use from 4 to 8 hours over at least 3 to 6 months thus leads a permanent penis enlargement to length and circumference.

Vitallus Plus Set

Included in the delivery of the vitallusPLUS Basic Set:

  • 1 vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender (individually customized to your measurements)
  • Electric vacuum pump (continuous underpressure, approx. -100 mbar) with hose connection and voltage converter 230V-12V
  • Digital timer for programming the desired runtime
  • Pressure regulator with connection hose which is pulled over the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender used
  • Transparent hose to connect the vacuum pump to the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender
  • Fixation belt to attach the hose to the leg
  • Storage bag
  • Instructions for Use

We additionally recommend:

  • Lubricant (nongreasy and preferably warming, e.g. Durex Play Warming)
  • skincare cream (e.g. Bepanthen)

With its gentle vacuum, the vitallusPLUS® expands the penis tissue and the erectile tissue three-dimensionally. This way, your penis will be permanently longer and thicker.