Penis length in the worldwide comparison

Where does the biggest penis come from?

Penis length in the worldwide comparison: anyone who does sport and sees other men in the changing rooms knows that nervous feeling when it comes to taking of their underwear. Many men define their masculinity on the appearance and size of their “pride and joy”. Of course, there are also international comparisons of the length of penises so you can see where it fits in.

Penis length comparisons worldwide

The Greeks already depict the god Priapus, who represents fertility, with a large erect penis. So it is not surprising that questions are not just asked about the size of good penis but also about its circumference. Globally, the average length of an erect penis is between 14 – 15 centimetres. In comparison, the Irish, Italians, Romanians and the Greeks lie in the region of 12 – 13 centimetres. Whereby the men from Georgia, Croatia and the Netherlands lie well above 15 centimetres.

Northerly countries such as Russia and the Ukraine, but also Spain, Portugal, France and Macedonia have a maximum length of around 14 centimetres, the Germans can boast average dimensions again. Here, the phallus is roughly 14.5 centimetres long in a state of arousal.

penis length worldwide comparison

The problem of the big penis

Yes, we’ve heard the tales of youth and yes, we see that a comparison of penis lengths is probably somehow “one of them”. But you have heard lots about how penile exercises are designed to help make your pride and joy “fitter” when it is too small. All sorts of medicines can help to improve stamina or even to increase it ad infinitum. But this is a long-term thing? He who prefers to forego penile exercises in order to improve the circumference of his penis can achieve lasting success in a more gentle manner.

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Many methods to improve a penis that is supposedly too small are not just very expensive but also are not permanent solutions and also not individual enough to promise real success. Naturally, every interested man can do something to make himself feel better and more confident. For some men, their personal happiness depends on how their penis compares to others. Therefore, there should be a way to address this problem and solve it. And do it without the need for penile exercises!

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