Penis size measure and keeping a diary

Before starting the penis exercises, you should measure the penis size properly

Penis size measure: If you are not naturally endowed with an impressive manhood, you can carry out penis exercises. However, an effective penis exercise is not a matter of a few hours or days. An effective penis exercise requires months. It must not be 45 centimetres long that the porn actor Long Dong Silver allegedly had. 

What is needed for the Penis size measure?

Everything you need is a ruler for measuring the length and a flexible measuring tape to measure the penis size. Now, one could cut a commonly available ruler such that the numbers begin directly without the initial space. This does not make much sense and there is a much simpler solution. Measure the length in a normal way and then afterwards, add the distance between the starting point of the ruler and starting point of the scale. Otherwise you could also become a porn actor Long Dong Silver unintentionally.

Measure the penis size properly 

Probably every man would know how to measure the penis size properly. Probably there is no man in his teens who would not want to know how long his erected penis is. In a stretched penis, three different measuring methods can be used to determine the penis size. These are: The natural measurement, the maximum value measurement and the maximum value measurement with tools. For all three methods, an erected penis is necessary because meaningful readings can only be taken that way. 

The natural measurement would have been carried out by almost every man as already mentioned. It is the simplest and therefore the most commonly used way, as no tools are required except perhaps erotic films or some erotic magazines. But we need a normally erected penis, whereby the strength of the erection of course has an influence on the measurement result. Even with the maximum value measurement, no technical means are used. The strength of the erection can however be enhanced by manual techniques such as tightening of the penis muscle. In the broadest sense, one could term this as a precursor of the penis exercises because in this way, at least penile erection can be enhanced.

You can measure the penis size properly even with the maximum value measurement with tools. Here, an erected penis is enhanced, for example, with a penis ring or the like beyond the normal addition. No matter how you want to measure the penis size, you have to continue to use the method chosen in the future. Otherwise, the results obtained from the penis exercises would be falsified.

Do you need to keep a diary?

Keeping a diary in which one enters the most recent readings is always a good idea. Although one should not take the term “diary” literally here. It depends on the individual which time intervals are taken. But for reasons of motivation you should avoid daily measurement. If there is no change over days, this will not necessarily help with the motivation for the penis exercises.  

After entering the initial values ​​at the beginning of the penis exercises, you actually do not need to enter more values for the first few months. Because before the penis exercise has an effect, at least one quarter of a year goes by. The measurements do not need to be made on a weekly basis either. It is enough for example, that an erected penis is then subjected to a measurement about every four weeks. In this way, one can maintain motivation during penis exercises and an erected penis will increase in size.

It should be noted that the penis of porn actor Long Dong Silver was only a photomontage and later a dummy. The true length amounted to about 25 centimetres, which with which the porn actor Long Dong Silver could produce an impressed penis even without penis exercises.

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