Penis Thickening

Penis Thickening: Options and Potential Risks

Penis Thickening: Many men not only want a longer penis, but also one that is thicker. The ratio of length and circumference should be perfect. In order to achieve this, various options are available, and not just from plastic surgeons.

Penis Thickening Using Hyaluronic Acid Injection

Using hyaluronic acid to thicken your penis is not without its dangers, is cost-intensive, and rapidly degrades, requiring further injections. The hyaluronic acid can also cause the penis shaft to become uneven, which is not aesthetically appealing. Within a few months, the hyaluronic acid breaks down and the thickening effect goes away. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance produced by our own bodies until we hit the age of 24, more or less. After the age of 24, our body begins to produce less and less hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic is able to retain a lot of moisture in our body’s tissue, which is why it is often used to treat wrinkles. For these treatments, a vegan hyaluronic acid obtained through plant fermentation can be used instead.

Using your own body fat to thicken your penis

Longer-lasting, must even more expensive is for surgeon to collect fat from elsewhere in your body and inject it into the shaft of your penis to thicken it. This expensive operation is also offered abroad, costing about €1,000 in the Czech Republic, for example. An operation always carries risks. Not only can infections and inflammations occur, but the nerves that make your penis sensitive to touch can also be injured. Speaking with staff in foreign hospitals is not always easy, which offsets the sometimes lower cost of the procedures done abroad. Although using the body’s own fat cells to thicken the penis is more durable than injections with hyaluronic acid, it too will break down over time and be reabsorbed into the body. The procedure does not deliver permanent results, is expensive, and is associated with dangers.

Increasing penis circumference with stretchers

Stretchers are very popular for lengthening the penis, but do nothing to thicken it.

Is thickening possible with conventional penis pumps?

Conventional penis pumps can provide a short-term thickening effect. However, they are also not completely without their risks, since they can result in undesirable penile deformities or the donut effect. The thickening effect that can be achieved with conventional penis pumps also quickly goes away.

Penis thickening with the vitallusPLUS®

With the vitallusPLUS®, men not only can extend their penis length permanently, but also increase their penis circumference. The slight vacuum acts in all directions, so the application results in a permanent enlargement of the penis circumference.

Due to the gentle, but steady vacuum pressure, new tissue is formed. The newly formed cells do not break down, but instead remain for a lifetime. The costs associated with vitallusPLUS® are a one-time investment and manageable. The application is risk-free. There is no risk of penile curvature, deformation, or the donut effect.
The application can be performed comfortably at night. After just a few months, your penis will be noticeably and measurable thicker and longer for good. The vitallusPLUS® has no side effects if the application is carried out exactly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition, your libido will significantly increase thanks to the use of vitallusPLUS®. The individually manufactured vitallusPLUS® is quickly available and can be used without assistance.
No pain or bruises are produced during use. The vitallusPLUS® runs almost silently and will not disturb your sleep during the night. After about six months of using the device for about 6 hours a day, the desired thickening will be clearly recognisable.

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