Pressure regulator for connection hose


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The original for the successful application of vitallusPLUS® Vacuum extenders

This pressure regulator is used together with the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum extender . It is adjustable via a colour wheel , and to which secondary air is drawn to this point. On one side, a check valve is integrated. When using the vitallusPLUS® Vacuum extenders with the pressure regulator, the side with the integrated black valve must always be pointing in the direction of the pump. You can identify this side by holding the pressure regulator up to the light. You see that on one side, the valve is integrated in the form of a plug with flaps. It also displays a much smaller opening in contrast to the other side of the regulator, that the valve is located here.

The pressure regulator is designed for a hose with 4 mm diameter. It has a width of 4 cm (from left to right passage) and a height of 11 cm and is made of ABS material.

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Weight 50 g