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With vitallusPLUS® base set you receive all components for a careful and at the same time actual and successful penis enlargement.

The vitallusPLUS® base set exists of several parts which are tuned not only perfectly on each other, but also on her personal needs are adapted. The central components of the base set are the Vakuumextender and the electric vacuum pump which provides for the necessary sub-pressure.
Because the passport exactness is a determining factor for a successful penis enlargement, it is produced vitallusPLUS® individually for you.

Please note the following instructions:

In order to ensure a perfect fit, you must provide us with any orders, your current penis length and penis girth Submit. On the basis of this mass are the cylinder and the compression shell of vitallusPLUS® specifically for your personal penis mass manufactured.


The measurements of your vitallusPLUS¢î are shown below for your information:


Outer cylinder *


Compression sleeve *

Instructions to the penis measurement:

  1. Get a tape measure with cm-scale.
  2. If you have no tape measure on hand, you can download here a paper tape. Print and cut it out then. Be careful with the sharp edges.
  3. Measure your fully erect (hard) penis:Your penis lenght
    Place the tape measure on top of the penis. Measure the length between belly and penis tip.Your penis circumference
    Place the tape measure in the middle of the penis to the penis shaft. Read the circumference.Enter your readings in the adjacent Penis calculator and click on ‘Save’.

If your penis between the penis, penis and glans center made a strong difference, write us a note in the comments box at the end of the order. We will recommend a correct cylinder.

To measure for impotence
More informations to measure the penis


The vitallusPLUS® extender:

The Vacuum Extender consists of the extender itself and a compression sleeve. Since the precision fit of a successful penis enlargement is a crucial factor, this is customized to fit your penis dimensions.

Thus you determine the length and girth of your penis and enter this information into our size estimator, which determines the optimal fit.

In manufacturing the vitallusPLUS®-based Sets, attention was of course paid to the highest quality and skin-friendly materials. The Vacuum extender is made of a fluorine plastic, which is also used in medical products for use and the compression sleeve is made of natural latex.

The vacuum pump:

The electric penis pump constitutes another core of the system and generates the necessary vacuum for the Vacuum extender. The negative pressure of minus 100 bar is chosen so that it is as effective as possible with a good comfort level. Thus, even after several hours, the electric pump is still operational and features a power plug for the European electricity grid. With the enclosed voltage transformer, the voltage of 230 volts is reduced to 12 volts. With digital timer, the desired times can be programmed flexibly.

The hose:

In the vitallusPLUS®-Basic kit, several hoses can be connected to the individual components.

The Shorter is secured to the compression sleeve and has a pressure regulator to set pressure accurately. With the longer hose, the Vacuum extender and the penis pump are interconnected. This plastic tubing is extremely flexible, so that the set can also be used at night without disturbance. The belt also contained helps connect the hose comfortably to the leg.


The set is stored in a practical bag which is discreet as to the contents thanks to its neutral appearance. Besides the vitallusPLUS®-basic kit, the operating instructions are also enclosed.

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Weight 3000 g


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