Usage Areas

The vitallusPLUS® is suitable for every individual conditions

Just as everyone’s personal situation is diverse and individual, the vitallusPLUS® can be used in a versatile way.

For lasting penis enlargement with regard to length and circumference, in which vitallusPLUS® is used daily for 4 to 8 hours at night during sleep over a time period of at least 3 to 6 months.

The result is a lasting enlargement of the length and circumference of the penis.
vitallusPLUS® is perfectly suitable for treatment during sleep.

The desired length of treatment can be easily programmed using the timer. When this shuts off the vacuum, the cylinder automatically detaches from the penis.


vitallusPLUS® is suitable for treating small penis size, penis retraction, micro penis, and post-operative transsexual men.