If the flaccid penis of a sexually mature man is less than 2.5 cm in length, it is referred to as a microphallus. Colloquially, this underdevelopment of the male sex organ (hypogenitalism) is known as a “mini penis” – and often derogatorily refers to penises which do not meet the definition of a microphallus only because they are not above average in size.

A micropenis has nothing to do with the subjective perception of many men who believe their penis is too small even if the dimensions of an organ may actually be a few centimeters less than the alleged or actual average value.

The vitallusPLUS® Vacuum Extender is ideally suited for the enlargement of a microphallus, since it can be perfectly adjusted to the user’s anatomy. For several hours overnight, the penis is gently expanded with regard to length and circumference and perfused – this has a lasting effect on penis growth.

If penile enlargement is desired, vitallusPLUS® should be used daily for 4 to 8 hours over a period of at least 6 months.

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The vitallusPLUS® vacuum extender is ideally suited for the enlargement of the micropenis since it can be perfectly adapted to the anatomical conditions of the user.